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After many circuit evaluations, we have finally found a solution to replace the need for an RS232 serial port.
This adapter connects to your USB port and will generally plug 'n play. (FTDI driver available if necessary).

$20.00 +S&H







This small, inexpensive extender allows the user to extend their CAT 5 cables.

$8.00 +S&H







Our small "Power T" allows the user to place the main power source anywhere within the 'daisy chain' of Slaves.
As you know, generally the power source is connected to the last Slave on the chain.  However, on very long runs
(1000 feet and greater), cable resistance may become a problem. By placing a "Power T" in the middle of the run,
you can reduce this cable resistance by one half.

The "Power T" could also be placed at the first Slave for easier access to power hookup.

$15.00 +S&H